Betting is an activity most frequently played online. But that is not all; in present day all around the world people keep signing up in betting sites as bookmakers or sportbooks. Within these sites, what are most common used by gamblers (people who bet) are credit cards and other methods of payment, such as paypal, neteller, etc. However, nowadays there is a new method of withdrawal and deposits: Bitcoin. Right now, this method of payment is not so commonly used and not many bookies have it. Nevertheless, gamblers are getting excited for it and are asking for bitcoin to become part of bookies as a better method of deposits.
UK bookmakers
Certainly, not everybody knows what this method of bitcoin is, due to is very recent. So, what is bitcoin? Well, it is considered bitcoin as a “crypto-currency”; it means that is not real and tangible money but that could be interchangeable for the currency of any country. Said that, bitcoin is getting more popularity within gamblers due to it could be easier and faster for betting online. The demand that exists today for bitcoin is incredible and some UK bookies and bookmakers in general have already added it as a method for deposits and withdrawal.
However, many gamblers might wonder how this method works. And believe it or not, it is very simple! First, you need an online bitcoin wallet (there are different type of it, so choose the best for you). Then, you need some bitcoins on the wallet and those can be bought on brokers or with a friend. And finally, go to any betting site that has bitcoin as a payment method, click on it and instantly your money will appear into your account.
As you see, Bitcoin is an easier way to manage money, and every day that comes around it will become the most used in bookmakers!